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The Friday Hot Lunch with Dash Brando airs on from noon until 3:00 pm.  Dash's rants are a regular feature on the Sunday Funday Fantasy Football Show, with Dre and Joe, every Sunday morning at 8:30 during the NFL season  on  Tune in to see what's pissing off Dash this week.



2019 Week 6: Dash is pissed about the NFL officiating

Week 15: Dash is pissed about the helmet-to-helmet rule.

Week 14: Dash is pissed about fantasy players who give-up, or lose interest, before the fantasy season is over.

Week 13: Dash is pissed about having to watch human interest stories on Sunday NFL pre-game shows.

Week 12: Dash is pissed about NFL announcers who say inane things.

Week 11: Dash is pissed about the prevalence of primetime blowouts in the NFL this season.

Week 10: Dash is pissed about the Cincinnati Bengals performance on Thursday Night Football.

Week 9: Dash is pissed about fantasy football players who think WE care about THEIR fantasy football teams.  Fantasy Football Rule #1: No one cares about YOUR fantasy football team but YOU!

Week 8: Dash is pissed about Troy Polamalu and his silly jumping-over-the-offensive-line antics.

Week 5:  Dash is pissed about the Raiders

Week 4: Dash is pissed about the NFL playing games in London

Week 3: Dash is pissed off about all of the suspensions in the NFL.

Week 2: Dash is pissed about all of the minor tackles being called personal fouls by the NFL officials.

Week 1: Dash Brando's musings about things that are pissing him off in the first week of the NFL season.


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