Screenplay Synopsis

Below are synopsis for a few feature length screenplays I have written, as well as a few shorts.  Click on the links to the left if you would like to read the first 10 pages. They are in .pdf format.  If you would like to read more, then please contact me.

The Little White Kart

Written by Don Bastida


Two young brothers compete in their town's annual go-kart race using a kart their grandfather used in the same race 50 years earlier.  But can the boys prevail when faced with limited funds, a devastating crash, and the town's rich-kid who has the best go-karting equipment money can buy.

Family/Kids Action/Adventure.


Written by Don Bastida


Two high-school students develop a computer program that can bring down the gambling industry.  When those who come in contact with the program end up dead, they must outwit and out run those responsible until they figure out who they can trust. 

Action/Adventure, Chase. 


Written by Don Bastida and Melissa Murillo

A 12-year old boy is named General Manager of the Chicago Cubs and revolutionizes the game through the use of technology and Social Networking, including the development of a iPad App that could very well give the Cubs their first World Series Championship in over 100 years!


Accused (Short)

Written By Don Bastida and Marcus Casian Kolodjski


Accused is the story of a young woman who is attacked on a deserted highway by a hitchhiker.  Abandoned and left to fend for herself she is picked up by a kind couple who take her to a local diner to get help.  Once at the diner the young woman spots her attacker, and when a mob-mentality takes over, she becomes judge and jury.  But, does she have the right guy?


Crime Drama/Thriller

Antidote (Short)

Written by Don Bastida and Marcus Casian Kolodjski


Antidote is a homage to Film Noir.  The movie takes it’s cue from The Maltese Falcon as our Private Dick main character runs into a Femme Fatale who drugs him and takes back the money she paid for his services.  But will she get away with it?


Film Noir


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