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Posted: July 13, 2012




Tune into 88.5 FM KSBR Saturday morning July 14 at 10:00 for the "Breakfast with Gary and Kelly Show" and hear Accused Director/Writer/Producer Marcus Casian Kolodjski and Writer/Producer Don Bastida discuss the short film.  Marcus and Don will discuss raising funds for production through "crowd sourcing" as well as Saddleback College's involvement in the production.  Don't miss it!


If you are out of the listening area of KSBR (Orange County, CA), you can still listen on line at the KSBR website.  Just click on the Listen Live link.


Tune in on Saturday July 14, 10:00 AM, PDT.

Accused on

We are currently raising money to cover costs of entering and attending film festivals with our short film, Accused.  Below you will find a link to our fund raising page.  There is a video there that explains our fund raising purposes.  Below this post you will find more information on our film, along with a photo gallery and a clip from the film.  Please enjoy.

Accused on

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Accused - The Movie

Friday June 15, 2012


This is exciting!  After many months, our film Accused is finished and we are in the process of submitting to film festivals.  On the submission list so far are Austin, Sundance and Mill Valley (my hometown film fest). 

This was a student project at Saddleback College and many people worked hard throughout the production. 

Accused is the story of a young woman who is attacked on a deserted highway by a hitchhiker.  Abandoned and left to fend for herself she is picked up by a kind couple who take her to a local diner to get help.  Once at the diner the young woman spots her attacker, and when a mob-mentality takes over, she becomes judge and jury.  But, does she have the right guy?

The story was the idea of our director, Marcus Casian.  Together, Marcus and I wrote and produced the script.  We had an outstanding crew including Cinematographer Graham Robbins, 1st Assistant Director Andrew Beemis and Production Designer Stephanie Silverman.  Many more worked behind the scenes and you can find them listed at IMDb


The cast was mostly picked at a casting call we held in Hollywood and features in the above photo (L to R) Ryan Conklin, Sarah Humphries, Jason Heymann, Rachael Farrokh, Scotty McChandler, Jennifer Lynn O’Hara, Joseph H. Johnson and Lewis Baker.

Accused was filmed on location at The Great Park in Irvine, CA and at a diner called “A Little Moore” in Leucadia, CA.

Soon you will be able to find more details at our future web site

Fingers crossed for a screening near you, soon.

Production stills from the set of "Accused."

Here's a clip from the film. Watch out, there is gratuatous Christian Bale-like language in this clip.


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